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Automotive aftermarket in Poland constantly grow for 30 years . According to still growing import used car to Poland, bigger demand on good quality spare parts is noticable. Base on this wide observation we decided to launch MOTIVA to support all business units around automotive sector. 

We know that we are experts in automotive. We have experience in:

  • automotive logistics and spedition (including production and distribution) - we support in TLS services in many units of automotive sector. 

  • hiring in automotive - our MOTIVA HR subsidiary company offers innovative HR projects for car dealers, spare parts distributors and producers.

  • creation and implmentation private brands from the early beginning.

  • focused loyalty programmes - one of the biggest spare parts loyalty programme in Poland is based on our experience and knowledge.

  • we support producers and importers in implementation new products or services in the market by many marketing and trademarketing projects.

  • IT implementation, financial audits and others which gives our partners better business position on the market.

Every project we carry out is innovative in business model and implementation methods. We don't follow known schemas. We do business more simple and thanks to this - better. 

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Our Services

  1. Planning and development of distribution channels

  2. Marketing and promotion activities

  3. Providing logistic and supply chain support

  4. Complex brand management (both private labels and entrusted brands)

  5. Implementation of tailor-made IT solutions

  6. Financial Consulting

Work Hours

Mon- Fr: 8:00 - 18:00

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Ul. Szlak 77/222

31-153 Kraków

mail: office@motivagroup.pl

tel: +48 606 646 980

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